We stock everything you’ll need to care for your reptiles!! Why a reptile as a pet?? They make great pets and for those with sensitivities or allergies to feathers and fur, reptiles are your answer! Although not for little ones, reptiles are the friendly alternative for those with pet hair and pet dander allergies.

With supplies for reptiles growing more scarce every day in east county, Bullseye Feed has stepped to the plate and are proud to announce we are now your best bet for everything REPTILE! Heat Lamps? You bet! Crickets? Oh yeah! Mice? Mmmhmmmmmm….. Even Superworms, crickets and rats! Come on by and if we don’t have it? We’ll get it!!!

Bullseye…your #1 stop for feed…of all kinds of feed and tack needs!

For more information about owning and caring for Bearded Dragons, check out this great website. http://www.bearded-dragon-food.com/